Shared Stories – A New Podcast

This network has always been about stories.  The stories that we in the 21st Century enjoy and can participate together through modern media.  However, what’s become important to me as the host of ESM is that it’s not about the week to week entertainment that we enjoy, but the deeper stories that we share as humanity.

Because of that, I have decided to start a new podcast studying the foundations of history and folklore that we, as humanity, absorb as children and that shape our lives moving forward.  You may be a Broadway performer in New York, or a grandmother in Java, an ancient Pharoah, an activist making their impact on the internet, or simply someone trying to find their place in the world in 2019.  We are all influenced by the stories that came before and are passed onto us.  They have shaped countries, peoples and individuals.

This new podcast will study myths and legends, from Persephone to Thomas Jefferson, the creation myths of Egypt and America, and how they affect those with no voices in a country often ignored to the President of the United States.  I hope that you will enjoy this journey during our first season.

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