The Terror Podcast – S01E03 “The Ladder”

With something stalking the ships, the expedition’s commanders debate their dwindling options.

  • The fear of the crew
  • Franklin’s Flashbacks
  • Franklin Dresses Down Crozier
    • You Made Yourself Hard To Love, Not Fit For Command
  • The Inuit Man’s ‘Burial’
    • Lady Silence is evicted
  • Hickey
    • Gibson’s putdown revealing Crozier’s vice
  • Crozier’s decision to resign
  • Franklin visits the hunting hide
    • Taking the picture
    • The arrogance of man
    • The attack
    • The death of Franklin
  • What’s left to bury
  • Franklin’s eulogy to himself
  • Fitzjames’ reaction to the decision to send the rescue party
  • Lady Silence in the igloo

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Music: The Victory March by AG Music

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