The Counterpart Podcast – S02E06 “Twin Cities”

David Troy and Vincent Minnucci discuss in depth the science-fiction/espionage blend from Starz, Counterpart.

Synopsis: The origins of the Crossing is revealed

  • Getting Yanek out of East Berlin
  • Meeting his Counterpart for the First Time
  • Studying the New Reality
  • Alphaville vs. Primeville
  • Gathering the Scientists
  • The Point of Departure
  • The Fourth Floor – Birth of OI
  • Crossing the Streams
  • Mirror of Clare’s last episode
  • Rats devouring themselves
  • “Do you think you’re better than me”
  • A man destroys himself
  • Yanek is exiled to Echo
  • The Aftermath
  • Munchen Virus
  • The Birth of Management
  • Mira wants to end this experiment forever

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