The Counterpart Podcast – S02E03 “Something Borrowed”

David Troy and Vincent Minnucci discuss in depth the latest show from Starz, a series from Justin Marks called Counterpart.

Synopsis: Howard is transferred to a mysterious prison called Echo.  An unexpected visit gives Emily a connection to her old life.  Emily Prime and Shaw’s investigation is met with resistance.

  • Baldwin – Angel of the Morning (Deutsch)
  • Claire and Lambert
  • Double Lambert
  • Going to Echo
  • HP and EA
  • Peter bugged her shoes
  • EP’s meeting with Management
  • Echo
  • Baldwin’s negotiation
  • Naya and Emily Alpha
  • Claire meets Spencer
  • Yannik
  • Ian finds dead Management Guy
  • Emily tracking Emily
  • Isn’t Shadow a woman?
  • Langston Motors
  • Peter’s raid goes wrong
  • Dinner at the Quayles
  • Lambert smoked them out
  • A grown up talk
  • Howard is beaten

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