The Counterpart Podcast – S02E02 “Outside In”

David Troy and Vincent Minnucci discuss in depth the latest show from Starz, a series from Justin Marks called Counterpart.

Synopsis: Imprisoned on the Other Side, Howard’s loyalties are tested. Emily Prime gets a promotion.

  • Mira and Aldus on the Run
  • Flashback to Emily and Howard
  • Howard being interrogated by Osman
  • Alpha Embassy abandoned by their OI
    • Emily is pissed off
  • Mira catches up to a member of management
    • “I was the only one of us who thought there was still good in you”
  • Emily Prime attempts to meet Howard
  • Emily and Anna, Marco is out of the picture
    • Emily’s mother died in the Prime World?
  • Doors open, message for Prime Management
  • The Fourth Floor
    • Contact not what you expect (late)
    • Emily promoted, some history on Mira
    • Emily’s mission
    • Emily negotiates
  • Ian and Nomi
  • Pope’s nephew is taken out
  • Emily Alpha was blocking Howard’s promotions
  • Visiting the Schmidts
  • Emily visits Howard
    • EP also blocked the promotions
    • The truth cost Howard Prime everything
    • Does H.A. have the courage to see her at all?
  • Mr. Schmidt flips
  • Emily and Ian (breaking Management’s rules?)
    • Following Aldus
    • Eli sucks
    • “Of course it was you”
  • Mira gets the Schmidts
  • Howard’s going to Echo
  • Osman is with Mira
  • E.A. was on the Prime Side

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