The Counterpart Podcast – S01E10 “No Man’s Land Part Two”

David Troy and Vincent Minnucci discuss in depth the latest show from Starz, a series from Justin Marks called Counterpart.

Synopsis: A crisis at the OI leaves both Howards stranded.

We would like to announce that while we had originally thought of continuing the podcast once Season Two arrives, due to the great response and engagement of our listeners, we are actually going to continue this podcast on a monthly basis, getting deeper into topics and themes of the show, interacting with listeners through your emails, tweets and Facebook posts, and maybe, if we’re really lucky, getting a chance to talk to some of the folks that brought you this great series.  We love all our listeners and we just can’t quit you.

Listener Feedback on the show’s first nine episodes

  • Aftermath of the shooting
  • Angel Eyes is alive on neutral ground (On the other side of the door, I can be a different me, as smart and as brave, as funny or as strong as the person could want to be)
  • Peter wakes up
    • Fancher’s cover story
    • Peter talks to Clare
  • Emily and Ian fill in Dwyer
  • Adrich find the bodies of the Alpha Dimension ‘Guests’
    • They need Howard Prime back
  • Management Meetings
    • Machines
    • Who is Management?
    • Disagreement between Diplomacy and Strategy
    • Peter gives his opinion
    • Peter gets assigned to finding the mole
    • She’s overruled when stating they should claim the shooter
    • The set up
    • Fancher gives the brief in the Alpha Universe
    • Emily gives the brief in the Prime Universe
  • Greta confronts Baldwin
  • Clare has a heart to heart with her not-mom
  • Thus Ended Diplomacy
  • The Howards move to escape
    • Grovelling Promise of Neutrality
    • Emily’s Letters
    • Down goes Pope
    • Sent to Echo
    • Emily’s Phantom Limb
    • Aldrich pressures Howard Prime
    • Howard Alpha Meets with Pope
  • Peter Finds Lady MacClare
  • At the hospital
    • Howard Prime’s deal with Baldwin
    • Down goes Aldrich
    • Peter and Howard’s truce
    • Homemade dinner
    • Howard reads to Emily
    • “You, you only, exist.
    • We pass away, till at last,
    • our passing is so immense
    • that you arise: beautiful moment,
    • in all your suddenness,
    • arising in love, or enchanted
    • in the contraction of work.
    • To you I belong, however time may
    • wear me away. From you to you …”

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