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Everything Sucks Season 1 is set in the actual town of Boring, Oregon, but not filmed there. Starring Peyton Kennedy and Jahi Di’Allo Winston and set in 1996, we follow new freshmen and members of the A/V club as they team up with the Drama club to make a science fiction movie.


Chris enjoyed Borderline

John recommends Black Panther

Javier is enthralled by Netflix’s Dirty Money





A/V Club:

  • Tyler
  • McQuaid
  • Leslie
  • Luke
  • Kate

Drama Club:

  • Jessica
  • Scott
  • Cedric
  • Oliver
  • Emaline


  • Sherry, Luke’s Mother
  • Mr Messner, Kate’s Father

Kate’s comes out

Luke’s moves on

Mr Messner finds hope

Emeline finds love(?)

Question: Were the kids cast for the fact that they look like famous 90s stars?

Question: Best song on the soundtrack (

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Music: Extreme Parkour by Alex Grey

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