Stranger Things 2 Part One

Stranger Things is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, where a lab opens a gateway to another dimension. From that day on, the lives of four kids, their families, and many of the town’s residents was forever changed. We pick up a year after Will Byers was rescued and as the anniversary of the gate’s opening approaches a new threat is making itself known.

Spoiler free section…

Initial reaction

Spoiler section…

Mike, Dustin, and Lucas meet Mad Max

Jonathan and Nancy and justice for Barb

Joyce and Will and the shadow monster

Hopper and Eleven and the pumpkins

Hawkins National Laboratory


Spacey news

This is normally something we don’t do here at NetFreaks, but since there has been news concerning Netflix shows we felt compelled to say something. Netflix has announced that it decided months ago to end House of Cards after the next season, season six, and let this news be known after the allegations made against Kevin Spacey by Anthony Rapp.

Netflix also put out a joint statement with Media Rights Capital saying they were “deeply troubled” by the accusations and this was joined by House of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon.

In light of this, there will be a discussion on how we will cover House of Cards season 6 when it premieres. We’d also like to extend Anthony Rapp our support for his bravery in coming forward. Even though he will likely never hear this we want to tell him we believe him and we hope this encourages others to speak out about similar events in their lives.


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