Pariah Cast – Westworld S02E05 “Akane No Mai”

In Westworld, Dolores questions what to do with Teddy. She ultimately concludes that that he is a decent person but his decency makes him a liability and has him reprogrammed against his will. At the edge of the park, Maeve’s party is captured and escorted into Shogun World, a park designed to be more extreme than Westworld. They are taken to a nearby town where they meet Akane, a geisha who plays a similar role to Maeve. Akane is negotiating with a local shogun, who demands Akane hand over Sakura, her best dancer. When Akane kills the shogun’s emissary, the shogun retaliates by sending ninjas to abduct Sakura and samurai to subjugate the town. Lee realises that the shogun is breaking his narrative loop while Maeve forces a ninja to kill himself without voicing a command. Maeve, Akane and Lee infiltrate the shogun’s camp to rescue Sakura and find the shogun is damaged and unstable. Akane kills the shogun and Maeve wordlessly forces his samurai to turn on one another. She, Akane and Lee arm themselves as the shogun’s army attack the camp.

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Music The Bittersweet Year by Erick McNerney


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