Burnham Love: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast – S01E13 “What’s Past is Prologue”

Lorca frees his old crew, who have been tortured since his disappearance, and with the help of Mirror Stamets they are able to kill those loyal to Georgiou and usurp her throne. She hides, while Burnham manages to avoid capture as well and contacts the Discovery. They agree to a plan in which Burnham lowers the containment field around a large energy source originating from the mycelial network. The Discovery will then arrive to destroy the energy source, causing an explosion that they can ride into the mycelial network through which Stamets could navigate them home. Georgiou agrees to help Burnham, and they attack Lorca’s group. Rejected and defeated by Burnham, Lorca is killed by Georgiou, who offers to sacrifice herself to allow Burnham’s escape. The latter instead takes Georgiou with her as they are beamed to the Discovery, and their plan is carried out as expected. Back in their own universe, the Discovery crew learn that they have arrived nine months after they left, and that the Klingons have conquered 20% of Federation territory.

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