Kings of the Castle – Castle Rock S01E03 “Local Color”

The past catches up to Molly Strand.

  • Flashback – Reverend Deaver recovering at home
    • Molly sneaks in and pulls the plug   
  • Molly is having a nightmare 
  • Jackie and Molly working together on the presentation (Live Like a King)
  • Henry and Molly catch up (First glimpse of Molly’s powers)
  • Flashback – Henry burning a VHS tape, Molly knows what he does in his room
  • The Kid reacts to Lacy’s picture
  • Molly’s house broken into, Jackie finds the Missing Child poster
  • No drugs for Molly (College counsellor)
  • Flashback – Psychic Connection
  • Molly seeks out an alternate source
    • Bizarre court scene, masks (Shining reference, Children of the Corn reference)
    • Parents are at Shawshank, moms are drunk
    • $60 for 3 pills, wants to see tits
  • Henry is at the courthouse, finds out about Molly in jail, she tells him about the Shining
    • Gets her to Local Color
    • Molly flips the script, tells everyone about The Kid
  • Warden offers $300K
  • Henry meets the Kid (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell on name)  
    • “Do you hear it now?)
  • Molly’s house is broken into again, vision of the Reverend

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Music: Ominous Orchestra by Elena Naumova

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