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  1. Hi, On Counterpart, you talk about Baldwin/Nadia, being 40 because that’s when the split happened, but in both worlds the same people are being born. so she is younger. Her parents were both together in both worlds, since her parents were alive when the split happened, in the duplicate world they were together to and thus Nadia was born into the 2nd world. She’s not 40 ,she was born after the split happened. Now if people weren’t a couple in world 1, when the split happened could be subject to change. We’ll have to find that out later. Does that make sense to you? because she isn’t 40. fyi

  2. Hi! Wow Counterpart, what a fantastic series. Fyi: the actress who plays Greta also has a major roll in the series Babylon Berlin on Netfix. Excellent top notch acting and series.
    Check it out!đŸ˜‰

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